Would you like fries with that Squid?

By Chris Greenaway

Food is one of the main sources of Culture Shock with many newbies to the Japanese experience. It is the first time many are exposed to non Western food. Sushi, Teppanyaki, Yakitori, Tempura, Okinomiyaki are all staples of Japanese cuisine. For a lot of people who are new to Japan, they hit the nearest McDonald’s as soon as they get to Tokyo. This has it’s advantages, familiar food, relatively competitive prices compared to McDonald’s all over the world, etc. However, the downside is missing out on Japanese culture through food. Or is it?

While McDonald’s locations in Japan have the same stuff as American McDonald’s restaurants have, there are some subtle differences. Aside from the much smaller portions and lack of Super Sized fries and drinks, you will notice that some of their burgers have big eggs on them! Another thing that is now available there is their Filet O Shrimp burgers. This is basically the same principle as the Filet ‘O Fish but with lots of mini shrimps in one big breaded patty. Yummy.

You could eat the same Big Macs and fries in Tokyo as you can in New York or Minneapolis but where else can you get a Shrimp burger? Take the plunge and try something new! You may not find it all that tasty, but at least you can claim to have had something different and inherently Japanese at McDonald’s.

For more info go to the McDonald’s Japan official website at:

Until next time, hang onto your chopsticks,
Chris Greenaway


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