Tokyo Fireworks

For many Japanese, summer means fireworks. Almost every weekend throughout Tokyo and Japan there are large fireworks or hanabi displays, sometimes with more than one event held on the same day. The following is a list of some of the more popular displays. Be warned, fireworks are extremely popular in Japan and the crowds are worse than the Tokyo rush hour!

A couple of words of advice, you might want to take your own food drinks as the lines can get very long. Also, if going by train, when you arrive at the station, be sure to buy your return ticket before heading off to the event.

Adachi Fireworks Festival

Close to Kita Senju Station.

Atsuki Ayu

Closest station: Hon Atsugi on the Odakyu line.

Edogawa Ichikawa Fireworks Festival

Edogawa riverside (near Shinozaki park). Closest to Ichikawa station on the Sobu line.

Omiya Fireworks Festival

Closest to Urawa station, Saitama prefecture.

Idabashi Fireworks Festival

On the Arakawa river side, up from Todabashi Bridge.

Tokyo Bay Fireworks Festival

Around Harumi Pier.


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