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A guide to Tokyo's airports

Tokyo’s first international airport is commonly known as Haneda Airport.  It opened in 1931 and is located just 14km south of Tokyo station.  As air travel became more popular and Japan’s economy grew, it was apparent that a new airport had to be built.  Since there was almost no available land in Tokyo to build […]

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Visiting Tsukiji Fish Market

The Tsukiji fish market is one of Tokyo’s most popular tourist attractions. It is the biggest fish market in the world. Beware though, as you need to get up very early to get a glimpse of the fish auctions. To see the tuna auction, you need to arrive at the market around 3:45 am. There […]

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Discover The Real Japan On A Tokyo Tour

If you’re looking for a great city break but are tired of visiting the same old European capitals and have a yearning to journey a little further afield, Tokyo could be the perfect destination for you. Tokyo is a very lively, metropolitan city that retains the essence of Japanese culture and customs. It is a […]

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Backpacking in Tokyo

Contrary to popular belief, Tokyo should not be crossed off your destinations list on the basis of high prices. It is easy to stay there without parting with too much cash, as long as you are savvy with your spending. The public transport system is excellent, hundreds of Tokyo hostels have opened up in recent […]

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