Tokyo Bar and Drinking Guide

For whatever Tokyo could be lacking, it can certainly be made up by the plethora of bars, nightclubs and drinking establishments the capital has.

Most Japanese prefer to go to out where they can sit down to eat while drinking. Izakayas, Japnese style pubs, are popular for after work drinks and getting together with friends. They usually serve a number small dishes which go well with beer or sake. Karaoke is also popular for continuing the party with small groups of people. Karaoke in Japan is usually done in small private rooms, however there are a couple of places in Tokyo where you can perform in front of a crowd if that is what you prefer.

For Japanese business-men going to “Snack Bars” or hostess bars is popular. These are usually small, private bars where you are entertained by a “hostess” who pours your drinks, lights your cigarettes and laughs at your jokes. They are also incredibly expensive. It is probably a good idea to go with someone who has a company entertainment expense account if you want to experience a hostess bar!

Fortunately for foreign visitors there are plenty of English, Irish, Brazilian pubs and clubs that won’t break the budget and can give you an opportunity to mix with young Japanese and other foreigners. Most of the places listed in this guide fall into this category.
Bars with branches in several parts of Tokyo
The Hub

Hub - Shinbashi

Hub – Shinbashi

Japanese run English style pub with good cheap drinks and a good happy hour. Some coverage of Japanese sports and a Video Juke box for music. Branches in Shinjuku (3), Shibuya (2), Ginza, Roppongi (2), Ikebukuro (3), Takadanobaba, Ueno (2), Asakusa, Chiba, Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe.



British pub and restaurant with a full range of bottled beer and English beers on tap. Branches in Roppongi, Shibuya, Akasaka and Shimo-kitazawa.

What is your favorite bar in Tokyo?


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