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Cultural Matsuri (Festivals) in Tokyo, Japan – July through December (Part 2)

Japanese festivals are typically colourful events, with both playful and serious aspects celebrated. The customs and traditions around the festivities tend to date back centuries, though many now include modern twists. Typically, the most important part of a festival is the public procession with the local deity carried in a mikoshi – or palanquin. Festivals […]

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Cultural Matsuri (Festivals) in Tokyo, Japan – January through June (Part 1)

Japan has long been a producer of amazing things and people, from beautiful geishas, to brave samurai warriors, origami (the art of paper folding), ikebana flower arrangements, wide-eyed anime cartoons, and industry changing technology. Evidence suggests that Japan has been inhabited since 14 000 BC – and this is certainly reflected in its rich cultural […]

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