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Biohazard cafe to open in Tokyo

I couldn’t help feeling that this was some kind of sick joke when I heard this, considering Japan’s ongoing woes with radiation fears and the current debate over nuclear energy. But yes, according to this computer gaming website, a Biohazard Cafe in Grill will be opening in Tokyo on July 13. The restaurant will open […]

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$100 for a bowl of noodles!? – only in Tokyo

No wonder Tokyo is often considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. Shoichi Fujimaki has opened a new upscale ramen shop in Meguro ward where the average bowl of noodles costs around 3,000 yen. “People will pay more for nice things,” rationalizes the 40-year-old, sporting closely cropped hair and a white chef’s […]

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Vinegar Cafe

A cafe in Minami Aoyama has become popular for serving desserts and drinks containing vinegar. “They’re so sweet you couldn’t imagine they contained vinegar,” one customer reportedly told workers. Vinegar is a popular health ingredient in Japan.

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Sin City Bar Opens in Aoyama

In conjunction with the release of Frank Miller’s new movie Sin City, a Sin City theme bar has been opened in Aoyama. It has a mixed menu with pasta dishes available for around 1,300 yen. It is open until December this year. For further details:

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Cruising Tokyo Bay

If you are looking for something different for a place to have dinner, you might like to try a dinner cruise around Tokyo Bay. I went on the Royal Wing a few years ago and had a Chinese meal. The food was fairly average, but the views and “novelty” factor were definitely worth it.

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