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Festivals in Tokyo

Cultural Matsuri (Festivals) in Tokyo, Japan – July through December (Part 2)

Japanese festivals are typically colourful events, with both playful and serious aspects celebrated. The customs and traditions around the festivities tend to date back centuries, though many now include modern twists. Typically, the most important part of a festival is the public procession with the local deity carried in a mikoshi – or palanquin. Festivals […]

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Cultural Matsuri (Festivals) in Tokyo, Japan – January through June (Part 1)

Japan has long been a producer of amazing things and people, from beautiful geishas, to brave samurai warriors, origami (the art of paper folding), ikebana flower arrangements, wide-eyed anime cartoons, and industry changing technology. Evidence suggests that Japan has been inhabited since 14 000 BC – and this is certainly reflected in its rich cultural […]

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Sanno Matsuri Festival 2012

Sanno Matsuri festival will be held from June 9-16 at Hie-jinja Shrine. The festival is held every 2 years. It is one the three most famous festivals including the Sanja festival and Kanda festival. The festival consists of a parade which goes for 20km and lasts for 9 hours. It starts and ends at Hie […]

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Sanja Matsuri Festival 2012

The Sanja Matsuri festival will be held this weekend from Friday May 18 to Sunday May 20. It is one of Tokyo’s biggest festivals with around 1,000 people participating in a parade down Nakamis-dori Street to Asakusa Shrine. The parade will go around 1-2 pm. On the 19th at noon around 100 mikoshi or Japanese […]

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Tokyo Irish Music Fesitval 2007

The Tokyo Irish Music Fesitval 2007 will be held next month on March 17th and 18th as part of the St. Patricks Weekend celebrations. The fesitval promises to be an very exciting event featuring the best of Irish/Japanese musicians and dancers from all over the world coming together for a celebration of Irish music and […]

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St Patricks Day in Tokyo

This coming Sunday (March 19th) the Irish Community will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a parade down Omote-sando in Harajuku. The parade starts fairly early, so be sure not to sleep in if don’t want to miss it! For more details:

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