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Tokyo loses to Rio in 2016 Olympic games bid

Not too surprisingly, Tokyo lost its bid for the 2016 Olympic games, with Rio de Janeiro defeating its other contenders Chicago and Madrid. It will be the first time that South America has hosted the Olympic games. “Tokyo’s bid lacked passion, it didn’t capture the voters’ hearts,” said Munehiko Harada, sports sciences professor at Waseda […]

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Backpacking in Tokyo

Contrary to popular belief, Tokyo should not be crossed off your destinations list on the basis of high prices. It is easy to stay there without parting with too much cash, as long as you are savvy with your spending. The public transport system is excellent, hundreds of Tokyo hostels have opened up in recent […]

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Cat cafes in Tokyo

I suppose anyone not living in Tokyo probably can’t understand the rise in popularity of cat cafes in Tokyo and “rent a pet” services. This article describes the author’s experience of visiting a “cat cafe”. Most people in Tokyo live in tiny apartments which are often barely big enough for one person, let alone pets. […]

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$100 for a bowl of noodles!? – only in Tokyo

No wonder Tokyo is often considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. Shoichi Fujimaki has opened a new upscale ramen shop in Meguro ward where the average bowl of noodles costs around 3,000 yen. “People will pay more for nice things,” rationalizes the 40-year-old, sporting closely cropped hair and a white chef’s […]

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Cargo plane crashes in Tokyo

A FedEx cargo plane crashed and killed its two pilots in Tokyo on Tuesday. The wreckage was quickly cleaned up by workers and the runway was soon reopened. “We have a team of experts here to work closely with our folks here in Japan, and with the government authorities, to get all the necessary information […]

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